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The best medical imaging technology, 95% cheaper. The only trully portable device that will revolutionize the world of diagnostic imaging.

 Main Users

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Clínicas de Fisioterapia

Los fisioterapeutas pueden aprovechar la portabilidad y la calidad de imagen del PhysioMRI máquina para evaluar de forma precisa y exhaustiva lesiones musculares y articulares. Esto facilita una terapia más eficaz y un seguimiento preciso del progreso del paciente.

Medical Clinics

Medical clinics of various specialties can integrate the PhysioMRI machine for accurate diagnoses without delay. Its ease of use and image quality improve diagnostic efficiency and enable informed decision making


PhysioMRI technology can be integrated into hospitals as a high-level diagnostic tool. Portability and ease of installation allow quick adaptation to different departments and needs. In addition to reducing the queue of patients in machines over 1 tesla.

Consultas Médicas

Los médicos que trabajan en consultorios individuales pueden beneficiarse de la capacidad Plug and Play del PhysioMRI máquina. Esto les permite realizar diagnósticos precisos y oportunos sin requerir instalaciones complicadas ni derivar pacientes a otros hospitales o centros de imágenes médicas.


Sports Clubs

In sports environments, the PhysioMRI machine can be an essential tool for the rapid and accurate assessment of injuries in athletes. Its portability makes it possible to use it where and when needed. With PhysioMRI, tests can be performed before injuries for prevention or after injuries for more accurate follow-up and to prevent further injuries.

Mobile Vehicles

The PhysioMRI machine can be incorporated into mobile healthcare vehicles, such as ambulances or mobile hospitals. This enables high-quality imaging during transport, which can be critical for making quick and accurate decisions.

Barcos y Cruceros

En el ámbito marítimo, la PhysioMRI La máquina de resonancia magnética puede ser una herramienta esencial para la atención médica a bordo de barcos y cruceros. Su portabilidad y facilidad de uso permiten diagnósticos médicos confiables incluso en alta mar.

Sport Events

The PhysioMRI machine can be used at sporting events to assess injuries and provide fast and accurate medical care to athletes. Its portable design and exceptional image quality make this technology a valuable option at live sporting events.


Características clave

100% Portable

PhysioMRI’s magnetic resonance machine is entirely portable, allowing you to access cutting-edge technology anywhere, anytime. Its ability to connect to the standard power grid ensures you’re ready to obtain high-quality images quickly and easily, regardless of your location

Ease of Use

We’ve simplified your experience with our magnetic resonance machine thanks to its “Plug and Play” capability. Forget about complicated setups and long waiting times. Connecting the machine is all you need to start obtaining high-quality images quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on diagnosing and treating patients

High Quality Images

PhysioMRI’s magnetic resonance machine stands out for its ability to deliver high-resolution images. From subtle injuries to complex anatomical structures, our technology enables precise and detailed visualization. This provides healthcare professionals with a valuable tool for making informed and accurate healthcare decisions


Innovative Design

Our machine features an innovative design that eliminates the need for a Faraday cage, simplifying installation and operation. This innovative approach not only saves time but also enhances machine efficiency.



Ready to be part of this medical imaging revolution? PhysioMRI’s MRI machine is ready to be your partner in precise diagnosis and informed decision-making. The future is here and waiting for you!

At PhysioMRI, we’re redefining the standard for medical imaging. There’s no longer a need to compromise quality for portability and accessibility. Our MRI machine has it all: portability, user-friendliness, unmatched image quality, and advanced technology that opens up new possibilities in healthcare.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Imaging

with PhysioMRI

Experience a healthcare imaging revolution with PhysioMRI. Our state-of-the-art technology provides unparalleled image quality and ease of use, empowering medical professionals across various settings to achieve precise diagnoses and deliver effective treatments.









“Looking at the PhysioMRI machine, it is clear that excellence in manufacturing and design is evident in every detail. The combination of portability and image quality is an impressive achievement that redefines the possibilities in the medical field.

As a manufacturer of electronic devices, I value technological innovation and design efficiency. The PhysioMRI machine demonstrates a smart approach to engineering, providing medical professionals with a unique tool that can revolutionize the way we approach diagnostics.

The PhysioMRI machine represents a milestone in the convergence of technology and medicine. Its ergonomic design and its ability to operate without the need for a Faraday cage are testament to the advanced approach with which this innovative solution has been created.”

Rodrigo del Prado

Former BQ Corporation CEO

The PhysioMRI scanner has unique characteristics, we have never had the possibility of obtaining magnetic resonance images at such a low cost. Under current conditions, the machine is offering images with sufficient quality to identify anatomical tissues such as bones, muscles, fat, ligaments, tendons, etc. 

Dr. Luis Martí

Director of the Medical Image Clinic area at Hospital La Fe

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