The recent Valencia Summit has witnessed the outstanding participation of PhysioMRI, a leading company in the field of technology applied to medical diagnosis.

The event, which brought together to professionals from various sectors and prominent experts in innovation, served as platform to present and discuss the most recent advances in the field of health and welfare. PhysioMRI, based in Valencia, is proud to have shared its vision and progress in the development of advanced physiotherapy solutions at the Valencia Summit. The company has been at the forefront of the integration of emerging technologies to improve the quality of life of people through more effective and personalized physical therapies.

During his participation in the Valencia Summit, Alfonso Ríos, the manager of PhysioMRI, presented the flagship project, which has captured the attention of the medical community. Participate in Valencia Summit is recognition of the great work and dedication carried out by the entire team of PhysioMRI for all these years.” “We are committed to leading the revolution in MRI technology quality, innovation and excellence in manufacturing “state-of-the-art MRI scanners.” The PhysioMRI project is based on the premise that each patient is unique, and, therefore, Therapies must be tailored to individual needs.

The platform uses algorithms advanced tools to analyze biometric data and create personalized treatment programs that maximize the effectiveness of physical therapy. Alfonso also highlighted the financial support of the CDTI that represents a significant milestone that will enhance the continuous development of the solutions proposed by the company PhysioMRI in the field of medical diagnosis. The approval of aid within the CDTI Neotec program not only validates the vision and PhysioMRI’s commitment to revolutionizing the field of clinical diagnosis through the low-field magnetic resonance technique, but also provides the resources needed to accelerate research and deployment of new functionalities on its platform. This financial support will allow PhysioMRI consolidate its position as a leader in the field of technology applied to diagnosis clinical.