PhysioMRI successful at the international technology fair VivaTech2024 and Deeptech50 in Paris.

PhysioMRI, the innovative Valencian startup, has achieved resounding success at VivaTech2024, one of the most prestigious technology events in Europe. The fair, which took place from May 22 to 25, brought together more than 150 investors and industry leaders, who had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest trends and advances in health technology. Participation in VivaTech2024 and Deeptech50 not only highlights the excellence of PhysioMRI, but also represents an unparalleled opportunity for the Valencian startup to demonstrate its advances and position itself as a leader in the field of health technology globally.

PhysioMRI’s participation in VivaTech2024 was not only a success in terms of visibility, but it was also crucial for the future growth and expansion of the Valencian startup. During the fair, PhysioMRI stood out as one of the top five technology startups in Europe, attracting the attention of numerous investors interested in supporting its growth and expansion by holding a series of strategic meetings and establishing key contacts that will be fundamental to position PhysioMRI in the way. towards a promising future.

Among the most notable meetings include the one held with the CEO of the CIE European Innovation Council, Guillaume Berteloot and its general director, Viorel Peca, also meetings with some of the main investment funds in health technology, as well as with global companies acceptable in Integrate PhysioMRI technology into your medical systems. These contacts have created a strong support network and facilitated initial conversations on investment deals and strategic partnerships. Additionally, the presentations made during the event generated great interest and enthusiasm among attendees, positioning PhysioMRI as an innovative leader in the healthcare field.

The CEO of PhysioMRI, Alfonso Ríos, has expressed his satisfaction with the results obtained during the event. “VivaTech2024 has been an exceptional platform for PhysioMRI. We have had the opportunity to present our revolutionary wearable MRI technology to a global audience of investors, healthcare professionals and industry leaders. The interest and reception we have received exceeds our expectations. expectations and confirm the enormous potential of our innovation,” commented Alfonso Ríos.
PhysioMRI now looks forward to continue building on the momentum generated at VivaTech2024, further strengthening its network of contacts and securing new opportunities for growth and collaboration.