The European Innovation Council has acknowledged PhysioMRI as one of the five most outstanding technological projects in the European Union for its technology, which represents a significant advancement in the field of medicine, offering an innovative and accessible solution for medical diagnosis. PhysioMRI’s innovation, the world’s first portable magnetic resonance imaging machine, stands out in the European medical technology scene.

PhysioMRI, the world’s first portable magnetic resonance imaging machine, has been selected as one of the five most important technological projects in the European Union, as determined by the European Innovation Council (EIC), the European Commission’s program designed to support and drive innovation and cutting-edge research in Europe, to which this technology has captured the attention of health experts from the European Union.

PhysioMRI is not just a magnetic resonance imaging machine; it is a promise of accessibility and efficiency in medical diagnosis. With a portable design and a structure 20 times more economical than traditional machines, this technology challenges the spatial and economic limitations that previously prevented widespread access to magnetic resonance imaging.

The prestige of PhysioMRI has been recognized by the European Commission, which has invited it to participate in VivaTech2024 and Deeptech50 in Paris, two prominent events on the European technology calendar that will take place from May 22nd to 25th in Paris, France, and will bring together over 100 investors to hear presentations from 50 technology startups from across Europe, showcasing the latest trends and studies in the field of health. These invitations as one of the continent’s top five technological projects underscore the impact and potential of PhysioMRI in the healthcare industry.

Alfonso Ríos, CEO of the Valencia-based startup, expressed his pride in PhysioMRI’s recognition as one of Europe’s top technological projects. “It is an honor and a privilege for us at PhysioMRI to be recognized as one of the top five technological projects in Europe. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in Valencia. We are committed to revolutionizing the field of medicine with our innovative portable magnetic resonance imaging technology and are excited to share our vision at events like VivaTech2024 and Deeptech50, where we hope to connect with investors, industry leaders, and healthcare professionals from around the world.”