The basketball world champion and Euroleague player with Valencia Basket, Víctor Claver, has entered as an investor in PhysioMRI, the startup that has created the world’s first portable magnetic resonance device.

The former NBA player joins a list of stars from the world of sports such as Luis Scola or Fernando San Emeterio who have seen a good business opportunity to invest in the field of health linked to sports. “PhysioMRI is a great project that meets the needs of sports clubs for the rapid diagnosis of injuries, and will also allow them to reduce waiting lists in hospitals around the world. Finally, for me trust is important and in this project I I will meet with friends from the world of basketball like San Emeterio and Luis Scola who are also aware of their value in the world in which we operate,” explains Víctor Claver, player for Valencia Basket and the Spanish national team.

For his part, Luis Scola has applauded the entry of the Valencian athlete as an investor in PhysioMRI, in a project that “will have a very positive impact on society and people’s health since it will make magnetic resonance diagnosis available.” . “. of all the world.” Athletes know MRI technology perfectly, as they have used this technique on many occasions but have always had to go to a hospital. With the portable PhysioMRI solution, these machines are 30 times cheaper than the current ones and will be able to have a presence in the medical departments of clubs, physiotherapy clinics or small hospital centers, something that until now was totally impossible. It will revolutionize MRI technology as it is known to date.

Explains Jon Fatelevich, co-founder of the Spanish startup PhysioMRI. A fact as revolutionary as the possibility of democratizing healthcare costs by reducing MRI diagnoses has attracted attention in the sector. The tests carried out in recent weeks show that it can be diagnosed for a price 30 times lower than the current price, and the endorsement of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) gives it that halo of a great revolution in the world of health. The first of the PhysioMRI machines are already manufactured and tested on humans, they are in the certification stage and the company estimates that the prevention stage will begin in the first half of 2023.