CDTI recognizes the excellence of PhysioMRI: Help from the NEOTEC program to drive innovation in MRI and diagnostics clinical The Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) has announced the granting significant aid to the leading medical technology company, PhysioMRI, through its prestigious NEOTEC program.

This initiative supports innovative and technological projects that have strong potential growth and contribute to the development of the economy and society. The main objective of the CDTI NEOTEC Program is to promote the emergence of new technology companies in Spain, supporting scientific and technological based projects. Selecting PhysioMRI for receiving this help underlines the quality and innovative potential of your proposal in the field of medical diagnosis applied to physiotherapy.

PhysioMRI has demonstrated a continued commitment to excellence in research and development of medical technologies, especially highlighting in the integration of advances in magnetic resonance with applications practices in the diagnosis and monitoring of physiological conditions.

Since its creation PhysioMRI has dedicated all its efforts to developing the technology with a pioneering low-field MRI approach specific for arms and legs, in the Skeletal Muscle area, since presents significant benefits in terms of costs and accessibility without compromise image quality. This approach has allowed the company overcome economic and geographical barriers, meeting the objective of democratize the use of MRI using the latest technology medical as a diagnostic technique.

Among the notable advantages of this device are its size compact, light weight, transportation and installation compared to the conventional MRI scanners used in clinical settings. The capacity of This device can be used in both clinical and residential settings. provides a dynamism impossible with current scanners. The CEO of PhysioMRI, Alfonso Ríos, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic collaboration with the CDTI, highlighting that this aid will allow the company advance more rapidly in research and development of pioneering technologies that will significantly improve the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.