The machine developed by the company makes it possible to reduce the costs of MRIs

The great potential of the Valencian startup PhysioMRI makes it a serious contender to become one of the unicorns on which the global investment sector can cast its gaze. “A fact as revolutionary as the possibility of democratizing health by reducing the costs of diagnostics through magnetic resonance imaging has been striking enough to attract attention in the sector,” the company said in a statement.

The tests carried out in recent weeks show that it can be diagnosed for a price 30 times lower than the current price and the endorsement of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) gives it that aura of a great unicorn. The first of the machines has already been manufactured and tested on humans, so it will soon be presented at the Valencia facilities.

In the meetings that we are having with investors or in the exhibition that we hold of PhysioMRI, everyone gives us a feeling that we are facing something big, revolutionary and that no one wants to miss, the next unicorn that wants to compete with the Nasdaq companies and that It is also based in Valencia,” explained Alfonso Ríos, founder of PhysioMRI.

“The latest tests carried out make us even more optimistic and see the future with the great milestone that PhysioMRI poses, that of becoming the company that revolutionizes the health sector in its diagnostic field worldwide,” he added.

Ríos heads a team of science and technology professionals in which he contributes his experience in the field of managing successful technology companies. Also as the visible face of this project are the director of the I3M, Professor José María Benlloch, or Joseba Alonso, a doctor in atomic physics with extensive experience in research projects worldwide.

Likewise, within the investment support there are leaders from the world of sports who know first-hand the applications of an MRI machine and its importance for the health of the athlete and people in general. Among them, the Olympic champion with Argentina, Luis Scola, or the silver medalist with Spain in the Olympic Games, Fernando San Emeterio, stand out.